Hell’s Kitchen Recording


Hell's Kitchen Recording has moved to the woods (‘Hells Country Kitchen’?). Here in The Hudson Valley in Upstate New York, we can offer a total escape from the every day madness and the freedom to completely immerse yourself in your art. You can record in a 200 year old barn with 28’ cathedral ceilings that has been converted to a state of the art recording studio with over 20 acres of meadows and forest to wander between takes. Also available is ‘The Garage’, a smaller space perfect for mixing (through our SSL desk) or tracking.

We capture the magic with a variety of vintage and boutique gear from all your favorites as well as the obscure but interesting. As far as instruments go, we definitely favor the obscure, with a large collection of 1950’s tube guitar amps and a borderline absurd collection of guitars and basses being the centerpiece. Our philosophy is born from the hearts and minds of the musicians who run the joint. We strive to have the studio experience be as natural and pressure free as possible with the goal of fostering inspired performances. After all, all the gear in the world can’t replace a great performance.

Hell’s Kitchen also specializes in sound for picture. We have vast experience with mixing, sound design and composing for a variety of visual mediums. Contact us for more info and a quote.

The studios are located 2 hours North of NYC. Buses are available from Port Authority. Contact us to come check out the new space.